"A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than you love yourself."

- Josh Billings 

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dylan o brien more like dylan o fuck me

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Gryffindor: I’m a fucking hero.
Slytherin: I’m fucking badass.
Ravenclaw: I’m smart as fuck.
Hufflepuff: My dorm is near the kitchen.


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on ur period likeimage

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aries: fearless as hell
taurus: reliable as hell
gemini: talkative as hell
cancer: dependable as hell
leo: powerful as hell
virgo: smart as hell
libra: friendly as hell
scorpio: strong as hell
sagittarius: real as hell
capricorn: loyal as hell
aquarius: weird as hell
pisces: nice as hell

Anonymous: What do you want out of life? 


idk i just like lemonade and cuddling on the couch

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anon hate is like the weakest thing ever. imagine anon hate in real life. imagine a stranger running up to you with a bag over their head and screaming at you. imagine that. thats anon hate.

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why leak nudes when you can leak one direction’s fourth album

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thinking of stuff i did when i was younger makes me cringe so hard

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Like I need to remind myself

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